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Innovative E-Cloud Manufacturing Solutions for every Need

Experience precision, versatility, and quality with our comprehensive metalwork and manufacturing services.

At FB Industries , we bring the future of manufacturing to your fingertips. Our e-cloud manufacturing platform connects you with extensive capabilities from metal fabrication to high-precision machining, mold and die making, steel casting, and reverse engineering. With a heritage of excellence and a state-of-the-art facility in Indonesia, we’re your partners in turning complex challenges into simple solutions.

Solution and Services

Discover how our services can transform your manufacturing processes:

Metal Fabrication

From structural components to pressure vessels, our facility is equipped for both light and heavy fabrication. With over 200 welding combinations, our expertise ensures nothing is beyond our welding capability.

Machining Center

Our advanced machining center is ready to meet your needs for any type of metal with high-precision parts, ensuring exact specifications and superior quality.

Mold and Die Making

With our design and manufacturing capabilities, we can create molds and dies that meet your exact requirements, enhancing both efficiency and quality.

Steel Casting

Whether it’s carbon steel or stainless steel, our steel casting services offer versatile solutions for every application, tailored to your specifications.

Reverse Engineering

Leveraging our in-house 3D scanning technology, we can accurately recreate and duplicate any part, no matter the complexity, for your engineering and manufacturing needs.

Why Choose Us

Unmatched Expertise

Decades of experience in the manufacturing industry

Comprehensive Capabilities

From welding to casting, machining to reverse engineering, we offer a one-stop solution.

Quality and Precision

Commitment to the highest standards of quality and precision in every project.

Digital Efficiency

Streamlined processes through our e-cloud platform for faster, more efficient production cycles

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